Command palette#

Use the command palette to quickly cycle through Intelligence Center commands.

Use the command palette#

Click stress? Ditch the mouse and browse through commands like a ninja with the command palette.

Show and hide the command palette#

  • To display the command palette field, press CTRL+SHIFT+p (Windows, Linux); CMD+SHIFT+p (Mac OS X).

  • To close the command palette , press ESC.

Scroll through commands#

  • To scroll through the available Intelligence Center commands, press:

    • PAGEUP


    Alternatively, press:

    • SPACE to scroll down.

    • SHIFT+SPACE to scroll up.

      Alternatively, press:

    • TAB to scroll down one row at a time.

    • SHIFT+TAB to scroll up one row at a time.

Search for a command#

  • To search for a command to run, start typing it in the autocomplete search input field Search icon.

    The command palette returns a result list with command names containing or matching your typed input.

Run a command#

  • To execute a command select it, and then click it or press ENTER.

Cheat sheet#



Show command palette

CTRL+SHIFT+p (Windows, Linux); CMD+SHIFT+p (Mac OS X)

Hide command palette


Run command

Click or ENTER

Scroll down


Scroll down faster


Scroll down one row at a time


Scroll up


Scroll up faster


Scroll up one row at a time