Default public workspace#

About Default public workspace#

Default public workspace is available to any Intelligence Center users in EclecticIQ Intelligence Center. For example, they can use Default public workspace to share data with all Intelligence Center users.

Default public workspace is listed and public: any signed-in Intelligence Center user can view it. On the top-right corner of the view, Everyone is displayed instead of the avatars representing the workspace collaborators.

The purpose of Default public workspace is to share data with other users; it is not to collaborate with other users:

  • You cannot edit this workspace, and therefore it is not open to collaborators.

  • You can access migrated datasets in the workspace to view, edit, move, and remove them as appropriate.

    Migrated datasets from an Intelligence Center release older than 2.3.0 are saved by default to Default public workspace if they are not assigned to any workspace in the older Intelligence Center release.

EclecticIQ Intelligence Center automatically creates a Default public workspace in the following case:

  • A data migration has taken place – for example, in the context of an Intelligence Center upgrade.

  • The data migration includes datasets that do not belong to any workspaces.

  • There is no Default public workspace in EclecticIQ Intelligence Center.

Access Default public workspace#

To access Default public workspace:

  • In the left navigation bar, select Workspaces Workspaces icon > Default public workspace.

  • Or, select Workspaces Workspaces icon > VIEW ALL and then the Default public workspace tile.