Move around on the graph#

You can move around on the graph canvas to zero in on a specific detail or to get an overall view of the entities and their relationships.

You can select multiple entities and observables. For example, to group them together; deselect them, load new entities on the graph, and remove them.

You can toggle between cursor behaviors to move and select objects on the graph canvas:

  1. Click Select to select and deselect entities and observables on the graph.

    You can group, ungroup, and remove the selected entities, as well as further examine them using the context menu options.

  2. Click Pan to move up and down, as well as left and right on the graph canvas.

    This is helpful when working on a complex graph with a large amount of nodes.

    You can move also pan the graph by pressing and holding the spacebar the dragging with the mouse pointer.

  3. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, for example, to focus on a specific entity, and then to go back to the overall graph view.

  4. Click Clear canvas to remove everything from the graph and to start from a completely clean sheet.

    Confirm the action on the confirmation dialog to reset the graph to an empty canvas.