Filter entities with timebar#

Open the timebar in the Graph view to filter entities and observables based on a specified time range, and to observe how a network evolves over time.

Besides filtering entities and observables based on specific properties and attributes, you can also filter by time range.

The graph timebar enables you to filter nodes in the graph based on a specified time interval; for example, to examine threat scenario evolution, or to focus on a specific phase in the development of the scenario under investigation.

In the top navigation bar click Clock to open the timebar.

  1. From the drop-down menu select Observed at or Ingested at to filter entities and observables in the graph based on either the time when they were observed (meta.estimated_observed_time), or ingested in EclecticIQ Intelligence Center (meta.ingest_time).

  2. In the timebar, drag the sliders to set a time range to filter the nodes in the graph.

  3. Click and drag the timeline in the timebar to the right or to the left to move forward or backward in the timeline, respectively.

  4. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in to focus on a shorter time range with a more granular level of detail, or to zoom out to get a more general overall view of the threats represented in the graph and their relationships.

  5. The bar chart in the timebar shows how the network grows over time.

    Double-click a column to zero in on it to view in the graph only entities and observables whose timestamp or ingestion date falls immediately around the time the selected column represents.