Archive workspaces#

When a workspace is no longer necessary, but you’d rather not remove it in case it may become relevant again in the future, or because you want to keep the workspace content for reference, you can archive the workspace.

Archived workspaces are stored away, as it were. Their content is read-only, and you can review it at any time, but you cannot modify it.

To obtain write access to an archived workspace to edit it, for example to reopen a previously closed project, restore it.

To archive a workspace :

  1. In the left navigation bar, go to Workspaces Workspaces icon > VIEW ALL.

  2. In the workspace overview, click the workspace you want to archive. The selected workspace opens on the dashboard.

  3. On the top-left corner of the dashboard view click Pencil (Edit workspace).

  4. Under Archive, click Archive workspace.

  5. In the confirmation dialog, click Archive.

The workspace is archived:

  • It is removed from the active workspace overview.

  • it is displayed only if you select Filter > Show > Archived only**.

  • It is accessible in read-only mode. You cannot edit any content.