Incoming feed - Feedly for Threat Intelligence Streams#


This article describes how to configure incoming feeds for a particular feed source. To see how to configure incoming feeds in general, see Create and configure incoming feeds.


Transport type

Feedly for Threat Intelligence Streams

Content type

STIX 2.1


Retrieve items from Feedly streams (boards/folders) and ingest them as Report entities, with other related STIX 2.1-based entities.



  • Feedly Enterprise subscription.

  • Feedly API token. Go to to create a new API token.

  • Feedly stream ID for board/folder.

To get the stream ID for a board/folder:

  1. Select a stream (board/folder).

  2. Select the 3 dots (...) at the top right of the page.

  3. Select Sharing.

  4. Find the Feedly API Stream ID section and select Copy ID.

Configure the incoming feed#

  1. Create or edit an incoming feed.

  2. Under Transport and content, fill out these fields:


    Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).



    Transport type*

    Select Feedly for Threat Intelligence Streams from the drop-down menu.

    Content type*

    Select STIX 2.1 from the drop-down menu.

    API URL*


    API key*

    Enter your Feedly API token.

    Stream ID*

    Enter the stream ID of a given board/folder.

    Example: enterprise/eclecticiq1/category/9c0c7981-c795-4cda-aa5a-XXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Store your changes by selecting Save.