Before you start offline#

Additional requirements for an offline installation#

If you plan to perform an offline installation of the platform, you may want to check the following points:

  • You need a machine to with Internet connectivity to download the installation resources to.

  • This machine should have about 1 TB of free space for buffer and to handle increased space usage during operations such as file copying and swapping:

    • 5 GB for platform packages – The total size of the platform packages is about 2 GB.

    • This leaves about 3 GB to use as a generous pad for the platform packages.

    • 995 GB for OS packages – this amount includes pad space for the OS packages.

  • Refer to the official documentation for your OS for more information on mirroring OS packages.

  • The following links are suggestions:

  • You need a local web server running on the internal package mirror to serve the installation packages to the target machine you want to install the platform to.

  • The target machine you want to install the platform to does not need to have Internet connectivity. However, it must be able to connect to the web server to retrieve the mirrored installation packages.

For more information on installation requirements, procedures, platform configuration, backup, and upgrade, refer to the sections below.

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