Configure STIX#

You can configure a default Producer value by going to Settings > STIX and TAXII > STIX > Edit settings.

Here you can set:

  • the default Producer when creating and editing entities.

  • the Information Source when exporting entities to STIX 1.x XML (through a manual export, or an outgoing feed).

When you Edit settings, you can set the following parameters:


Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Field name



Enter an alias to identify your STIX namespace by.

This sets your STIX 1.x producer namespace prefix.

Names enter here must start with:

  • an alphabet

  • an underscore (_)

and can contain only: alphanumeric characters, underscores (_), hyphens (-), or periods (.).

For example: contoso-ltd


Enter a URI.

This sets an XML namespace that is used to uniquely identify your organization, in accordance with REC-xml-names.

For example:


Set a Producer name that is used:

  • for all new and modified entities.

  • as an information source name for all exported STIX 1.x documents.

For example, setting this to: Contoso Ltd

  • Sets Contoso Ltd as the producer name for all new and modified entities.

  • Adds this XML block to all exported STIX 1.x documents:

    <!-- ... -->
            <stixCommon:Name>Contoso Ltd</stixCommon:Name>
    <!-- ... -->


Editing and then publishing an entity that already has a Producer value set will overwrite it with the value set here.


The Alias and Namespace fields set the “Namespace prefix” and the “Namespace” respectively for STIX 1.x XML:

XML namespaces

Delete STIX settings#

To delete the current STIX settings for EclecticIQ Intelligence Center :

  1. In the side navigation bar click Settings > STIX and TAXII > STIX.

  2. The STIX view shows the currently configured STIX options for EclecticIQ Intelligence Center.

  3. Click Edit settings.

  4. Under Delete STIX settings, click the Delete settings button.

  5. In the confirmation dialog, click Delete.

The STIX settings are deleted from EclecticIQ Intelligence Center.