Delete an API token#

When you no longer need an API token, you can delete it.


  • If you delete a token, you revoke authentication from the user or service that authenticates with the Intelligence Center through the token.

    If you delete an API token that authenticates a service to enable it to access and to integrate with EclecticIQ Intelligence Center, you break the corresponding integration.

  • If you deactivate a Intelligence Center user profile, any API tokens associated with the deactivated user become invalid, regardless of their configured expiration date.

    If these API tokens are in use, they are likely to break authentication in the pipelines they are part of.

Delete an API token#

To delete an API token belonging to a signed-in Intelligence Center user profile:

  1. In the side navigation bar click the avatar image of your user profile.

  2. From the pop-up menu, click My profile.

  3. In the My profile view, click Edit on the bottom-right corner.

  4. In the Edit your profile view, browse to the API tokens section.

  5. Any existing API tokens are listed here.

  6. To remove an entry from this section, click the cross icon X corresponding to the item you want to remove.

  7. In the confirmation dialog, click Delete.

The selected API token is deleted.