Save and export the graph#

The graph drop-down menu enables you to save, rename, export, close, delete, and move the graph to a workspace.

Graph has an auto save feature which allows you to save your work on the go. In case multiple people are working on the same graph, conflict modal is automatically created on the respective machines so you don’t loose your work.

You can choose to Keep your changes, Discard your changes, or Create a new version when moving on to a different/new screen.

To display the drop-down graph menu:

  1. Click the graph name or the downward-pointing arrow

  2. Select the option corresponding to the action you want to carry out example Save, Rename etc.

Besides saving, renaming, closing, and deleting the current graph, you can also select:

  • Move to workspace: assigns the current graph to an existing workspace.

    In the dialog, from the drop-down menu, select select the destination workspace you want to assign the graph to.

    This enables you to add the graph to a workflow, so that you can access it also from the corresponding workspace.

    Moreover, based on the containing workspace access permissions, you can make the graph public (any platform user can see it) or private (only the workspace collaborators can see it).

  • View history: displays the graph history pane with an overview in reverse chronological order of the actions performed on the graph and the corresponding users.

  • Export PNG: exports the current graph as a .png file.

    In the Export graph as image dialog you can set width and height in pixels of the exported image, as well as the graph area you want to export as image.

    • Click Generate to create the view to export.

    • Click Download generated image to export the view as a .png file.