EclecticIQ Integrations Life Cycle Policy#



Last Updated

10 May 2021

EclecticIQ provides integrations with several third-party software and intelligence vendors, allowing the end user of the EclecticIQ Intelligence Center (the “Intelligence Center”) to move data from these vendors’ software and services into EclecticIQ Intelligence Center and, where possible, out from Intelligence Center into third party platforms.

This policy describes the life cycle of these Intelligence Center integrations. Any conflict between this policy and agreed terms of support shall be controlled by the terms of this policy. This policy is effective as from the effective date set forth above.


“EclecticIQ” refers to EclecticIQ B.V., with registered address at Leidsegracht 105A, 1017 ND, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

“Integration Product” is any data ingest or egress functionality developed and made available by EclecticIQ to the End User and any application or software add-on developed and made available by EclecticIQ to End User.

“End-of-Life (EOL)” is the process that consists of a series of technical and business milestones and activities that, once completed, make the Integration Product obsolete. Once obsolete, the Integration Product will no longer be sold, manufactured, improved, repaired, maintained, or supported.

“End-of-Life Date (EOLD)” is the date on which the EOL cycle for the Integration Product takes effect, being the date as included in the table under “EOL Milestones” in this document.

“End-of-Support Date (EOSD)” is the last date to receive applicable service and support as per the agreed service and support terms for the Integration Product and represents the final milestone in the Integration Product’s lifecycle as included in the table under “EOL Milestones”.

“End User” is a customer of EclecticIQ that is authorized to use EclecticIQ Intelligence Center.

Intelligence Center versions and integration product versions#

EclecticIQ Intelligence Center and Integration Products follow semantic versioning (semver), where a version of the product follows the convention: <MAJOR>.<MINOR>.<PATCH>

For example, for EclecticIQ Intelligence Center version 2.9.1:

  • 2 is the MAJOR version of EclecticIQ Intelligence Center

  • 9 is the MINOR version

  • 1 is the PATCH version

Integration Product versions generally follow the MAJOR and MINOR versions of EclecticIQ Intelligence Center versions that it supports.

For example:

  • Version 2.9.1 of an Integration Product supports Intelligence Center 2.9.x.

  • Version 2.8.4 of an Integration Product supports Intelligence Center 2.8.x.

There are exceptions to this. Custom developed integrations and applications built for third party may follow a different versioning schema.

End of life (EOL) policy#

Integration Products will support the two most recent MINOR Intelligence Center releases.

For example: If the current Intelligence Center version is 2.9.1, Integration Products will support Intelligence Center versions 2.9.x and 2.8.x, unless stated otherwise. The Integration Products will stop supporting Intelligence Center versions 2.7.x and older.

Once a new MINOR Intelligence Center version is released, that new MINOR version becomes the most recent supported MINOR release. The previously oldest supported MINOR version is then no longer supported, and automatically enters EOL.

For example: When version 2.10.0 of EclecticIQ Intelligence Center is released, Integration Products made for Intelligence Center versions 2.8.x automatically enters EOL.

Once an Integration Product enters EOL, it receives 6 months of additional support, starting from the date of the Intelligence Center release that puts the Integration Product into EOL. After 6 months, the Integration Product enters EOS.

The terms for EOL and EOS stated above affect all versions of Integration Products made for that MINOR release of the Intelligence Center.

EOL Milestones#


Date of milestone

Support available

Current MINOR Intelligence Center release

The date that the Product Integration is made generally available for sale and support to End User.

Users of the Integration Product have access to customer support, minor releases, patches per agreed support terms.

Previous MINOR Intelligence Center release

The date of newest MINOR Intelligence Center release.

Users of the Integration Product have access to customer support, minor releases, patches per agreed support terms.

For example: Integration Products for Intelligence Center

version 2.8.x reach this milestone when Intelligence Center version 2.9.0 has been released.

End of life date (EOLD)

The date of the newest MINOR Intelligence Center release.

Integration Products developed for Intelligence Center versions older than the most recent two MINOR Intelligence Center releases enter EOL.

Integration Products that reach EOL continue to receive hotfixes and security updates per agreed support terms. No Integration Product updates will be issued during the period from EOLD until EOSD.

For example: Integration Products made for Intelligence Center version 2.7.x or older enter EOL when Intelligence Center version 2.9.0 is released.

End of Support Date (EOSD)

The date falling 6 months after EOLD of the Integration Product.

Hotfixes, security updates, or other support will no longer be provided for an Integration Product beyond the EOSD.

The End User must upgrade to the most recently released version of EclecticIQ Intelligence Center and Integration Product.

Custom Developed Integrations#

Integrations that have been custom developed by EclecticIQ for End User may be licensed on bespoke terms that cover EOL or support terms that differ from the terms as set out in this document.

In case there are any discrepancies between the terms of such bespoke terms and this document, such bespoke terms shall take precedence over the terms of this document.

Unplanned Changes to Third Party Vendor Products and Services#

An Integration Product may be discontinued due to actions by a third party vendor the Integration Product relies upon to function. This includes, but is not limited to, discontinued services by the third party vendor, breaking changes in the third party product the Integration Product relies on.

EclecticIQ will use reasonable efforts to provide advance notice to End User of such circumstances it reasonably becomes aware of that cause an Integration Product to be discontinued or otherwise cause material degraded functionality (either through notification by such third party vendor or otherwise).

Integration Products may be updated by EclecticIQ at any time and without prior notice to support changes by mentioned third party vendors that affect or may affect the Integration Product. In such cases, EclecticIQ will use reasonable efforts to communicate information to End Users to help them upgrade the affected Integration Products on their systems to maintain continued or adapted functionality.

If and to the extent that a third party vendor makes any changes or ceases to provide a service or product that causes the Integration Product that relies on such third party products and services to stop functioning in its entirety or as expected, EclecticIQ reserves the right to issue to End User an EOS notice for that Integration Product that takes effect immediately.

How EOL announcements will be communicated#

Where EOL follow platform release cycles, all announcements will be included alongside Intelligence Center announcements.

Where an EOL announcement does not follow EclecticIQ Intelligence Center release cycles, for example where it is announced due to changes in a vendors’ offering, the EOL will be announced via:

  • Direct email from EclecticIQ

  • EclecticIQ product documentation