View system jobs#

Monitor EclecticIQ Intelligence Center load by checking running, completed, and aborted system jobs.

The System jobs view provides a complete overview of the Intelligence Center workload. It enables you to review currently running, successfully completed, failed, and revoked/aborted system jobs.

Each view — Running, Succeeded, Failed, and Revoked — shows details such as the name of the job, its unique ID, the data objects it touches, and the time/date when it was executed.

You can click to the job you want to inspect to open the corresponding detail pane.

View jobs#

To display an overview of EclecticIQ Intelligence Center jobs, do the following:

  1. In the side navigation bar, go to Settings Settings > System settings.

    The default All view shows all system jobs.

    You can sort the items on the view by column header. To do so, click the column header you want to base the data sorting on. An upward-pointing or a downward-pointing arrow in the header indicates ascending and descending sort order, respectively.

    You can filter jobs by clicking one of the following views:




Displays currently running, that is, active and not yet completed, jobs.


Displays successfully completed jobs.


Displays failed jobs, that is, jobs that failed to successfully complete because one or more errors occurred.


Displays revoked jobs, that is, jobs that were manually terminated before completion.

  • Related objects: shows EclecticIQ Intelligence Center objects the system job acts on. In this context, the objects are the channels EclecticIQ Intelligence Center uses to ingest and to publish information: incoming and outgoing feeds, discovery, and entity or observable rules.

    On the job detail pane you can click a related object name to go to the corresponding detail pane, where you can inspect the selected feed or rule in more detail.

  • Triggered by: shows the user who manually initiated a specific task run of the selected job.

    On the job detail pane you can click a triggering actor’s name to go to the corresponding detail pane, where you can inspect the selected user in more detail.

  • To inspect a job more closely, click to the job you want to review. An overlay slides in from the side of the screen.

  • The job detail pane shows job details such as the job/task name, any related Intelligence Center objects such as feeds or rules that the task acts upon, and the result of the task execution.

    The Result section on the detail pane of failed jobs can help system administrators identify the cause of the failure by providing a descriptive error message, and a stack trace.

Terminate jobs#

You can terminate a running task in one of the following ways:

  1. On the Running jobs view, click to the job you want to manually terminate.

  2. On the job detail pane, click Terminate.

  3. On the confirmation pop-up dialog, click Yes to confirm the action.


  1. On the Running jobs view click the solid color square icon on the far right corresponding to the job you want to manually terminate.

    When you terminate a job in this way, no confirmation dialog is displayed. The job is terminated upon clicking the termination icon.