Threat Scout | Release Notes | 1.0.0#

This is the inaugural version of EclecticIQ Threat Scout.

Threat Scout embodies Eclectic’s design philosophy of modularity and open standards and is part of our threat intelligence automation and collaboration platform: the EclecticIQ Platform.

We hope you enjoy exploring this release and find that its features and functionality enhance your security posture, increase efficiency, achieve cost savings, and improve cybersecurity decision-making.

Available now, free of charge#

Threat Scout is readily available for download from both the Google and Mozilla browser stores and offers hassle-free installation and configuration.

EclecticIQ provides Threat Scout free of charge and it can can be run as a completely stand-alone product, requiring no licenses for any other EclecticIQ products (charges for OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3.5 do apply if it is connected for the identification of entities).

Powerful cyber threat information parsing#

Threat Scout leverages OpenAI’s NLP technology and our powerful regex to transform online cyber threat information into comprehensive, structured STIX 2.1 compatible threat data. This data can then be exported in CSV format and imported into your security tools.

Threat Scout’s built-in editor allows analysts to validate and refine AI-extracted data, minimizing unnecessary noise and enabling the selection and categorization of data for an improved workflow.

Expanded functionality for Intelligence Center integration#

For EclecticIQ Intelligence Center users, Threat Scout offers added functionalities:

  • Threat Scout automatically compares the entities & observables it identifies to those in your Intelligence Center and highlights matches on-page with rich contextual information.

  • You can have Threat Scout create a Report entity about the scanned webpage and ingest the identified entities & observables instantly into you Intelligence Center. Customize ingested data with titles, TLPs, or tags for seamless integration into your automated workflows.