Configure a proxy#

Configure a proxy server, if applicable, to route incoming and outgoing Intelligence Center traffic through it.


EclecticIQ Intelligence Center releases 2.4.0 and earlier enabled proxy configuration through the web-based GUI.

EclecticIQ Intelligence Center releases 2.5.0 and later enable proxy configuration through a dedicated file.

This operation requires root or sudo-level access to EclecticIQ Intelligence Center instance through a terminal and an SSH connection.

Configure proxy settings#

To configure a proxy server for EclecticIQ Intelligence Center:

  1. Start a terminal session.

  2. In the terminal, log in to EclecticIQ Intelligence Center through SSH.

  3. Elevate your user level access to root.

  4. In a text editor, open the following file:

    vi /etc/default/eclecticiq-platform
  5. Add the following directives to the file:



    HTTP_PROXY=https://peter.weyland:[email protected]:8080
    HTTPS_PROXY=https://peter.weyland:[email protected]:8080
  6. Save the changes to eclecticiq-platform.

  7. In the text editor, open the following file:

    vi /etc/default/eclecticiq-platform-backend-worker-common
  8. Add the the same directives to this file as well:

  9. Save the changes to eclecticiq-platform-backend-worker-common, and exit the text editor.

  10. To apply the changes to the settings:

    1. Restart Intelligence Center backend services.

    2. Restart Intelligence Center workers.

About root-level access#

  • Obtain root-level access by running sudo -i:

    # Root-access login shell
    sudo -i
  • To access resources as a different user than the currently active one, append -u:

    # Grant the currently logged in user root-level access
    sudo -i
    # Grant root-level access to a different user
    sudo -i -u ${user_name}
    # Run a command as a different user, with root-level access
    sudo -i -u ${user_name} ${command} ${options}

Bypass proxy settings#

The NO_PROXY directive enables bypassing all the IP addresses and domain names you assign to it as values.

It acts as a whitelist: NO_PROXY IP and addresses access Internet directly, without routing their requests through the proxy.

If EclecticIQ Intelligence Center is configured to access the Internet through a proxy, make sure that EclecticIQ Intelligence Center proxy configuration always bypasses local hosts localhost and

If you cannot access EclecticIQ Intelligence Center proxy settings, and if terminal commands acting on Intelligence Center resources fail to execute correctly, bypass the proxy server on the fly.

To do so, prepend NO_PROXY=',localhost' to the Intelligence Center commands you execute in the terminal.


NO_PROXY=',localhost' /opt/eclecticiq-platform-backend/bin/eiq-platform graph upgrade

Restart Intelligence Center backend services#

If you made changes to any configuration files managing backend services, restart them.

After editing or updating systemd-managed unit configuration files, you must restart all systemd-managed Intelligence Center services. It enables systemd to reload all configurations, and to apply any changes to make them effective.

To restart systemd-managed Intelligence Center services through the command line:

systemctl restart eclecticiq-platform-backend-services

Restart Intelligence Center workers#

If you made changes to any configuration files managing workers, restart them.

After editing or updating backend worker configuration files and parameters, restart the workers. It enables workers to reload their configurations, and to apply any changes to make them effective.

To restart backend workers through the command line:

systemctl restart eclecticiq-platform-backend-workers