Suspend two-factor authentication#

If you have set up two-factor authentication, you can suspend it for a set number of days to make signing in to EclecticIQ Intelligence Center faster and easier.

Suspend two-factor authentication#

If your Intelligence Center administrator has enabled this feature, you can suspend two-factor authentication for a set number of days.

Intelligence Center administrators can enable this feature to trade off some security in exchange for more user-friendliness.

To suspend two-factor authentication:

  1. When prompted during the sign-in process, enter the temporary code generated by the authentication app.

  2. Select the Do not ask me for N days checkbox, where N corresponds to the number of days your Intelligence Center administrator defined for the suspension.

  3. Press ENTER.

For the predefined number of days, each time you sign in to EclecticIQ Intelligence Center you do not need to confirm your second factor with the authentication app.

To sign in, enter only your user name and password.