About graphs#

The graph is a powerful tool to visually inspect threat models and to look for meaningful cues during an analysis.

It offers an intuitive way to visually identify and to review complex relationships, as you can look at scenarios from multiple angles using different layouts.

In the graph you can add, remove, and filter entities.

You can examine and manipulate them to gain insights, inspect relationships, and draw a map of the threat landscape under investigation.

To filter and to refine results in the graph view, in the top-right corner click filter Filter or timebar Clock icon.

About graph access control#

To control user access to graphs, save them to workspaces.

Like datasets, graphs inherit their access control rights from the workspace(s) they belong to.

Only workspace owners and collaborators can access saved graphs that belong to a workspace.

Undo and redo#

On the graph you can quickly amend small mistakes:

  • To annul the effect of an action, on the top navigation bar, click Undo.

    You can undo up to 5 previous actions.

  • To cancel the effect of an Undo action, on the top navigation bar, click Redo.

    This reapplies the effects of the previously undone action.

    You can redo up to 5 previous actions.

Cheat sheet#



Select all on the graph


Remove selection from the graph


Close open detail panes