Access the entity detail pane#

The entity detail pane enables you to drill down into an entity to closely examine it.

The detail pane holds detailed information about an entity. Data is structured in thematic areas. These areas are visually represented as clickable tabs in the detail pane. In this way, you can view subsets of entity information to focus on specific characteristics you want to examine.

Use the entity detail pane as a reference resource to zero in on a specific entity, to review its structure, any observables it contains or it is related to, any relationships with external entities and observables, where it comes from, and if you are leveraging its intelligence value or not.

You can access the entity detail pane by clicking an entity.

To do so, go to an entity overview:

  1. In the top navigation bar click Browse.

  2. In the active view, browse to the entity you want to inspect, and click it.

    The entity detail pane is displayed.