Access workspaces

In the left navigation bar, select Workspaces images/download/attachments/86440766/workspace.svg-x24.png to display a list of available workspaces.

From here, you can:

  • View all workspaces: Select VIEW ALL.

  • Search for workspaces: Select the Search for workspaces box and start typing a workspace name to find it.

Filter workspaces

Click the quick filter images/download/attachments/3604538/filter.PNG icon to:

  • Sort by: sort workspaces on the overview:

    • Either alphabetically — Alphabetically.

    • Or in reverse chronological order — Last updated.

  • Type: select one or more options from the Show drop-down menu to display only workspaces based on the selected type(s):

    • Generic

    • Team

    • Topic

    • Case

  • Show: select My workspaces only to display only workspaces where the current user is the creator or a collaborator of.
    Select Archived only to display only read-only archived workspaces.

  • Datasets: select one or more options to display only workspaces including the selected dataset(s).

  • Graphs: select one or more options to display only workspaces including the selected saved graph(s).

Workspace overview

On the overview workspaces are represented as tiles.
Each workspace tile provides a flashcard-style summary of the main details:

  • Workspace name

  • Date and time of the last change.

  • Number of saved graphs in the workspace.

  • Number of saved graphs to the workspace.

  • Number of workspace collaborators.

  • If the workspace is listed, the corresponding dashboard with summary information is visible to any signed-in Intelligence Center users.
    If the workspace is unlisted, only workspace collaborators can view it and access it.