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EclecticIQ Platform is a patch release.

Further on in this section you can read a short recap of the patches shipping with EclecticIQ Platform

  • For more details about new features introduced in this version, see What's new below.

  • For more details about bugs we fixed, see Important bug fixes below.

What's new

Access control for observable in search and graph

Observables are now filtered according to the user allowed sources while searching and using graph.

User can now change the default link name using the Entity and Observable detail pane.

Important bug fixes

  • Observables with less permissive TLP will only be visible to the users with appropriate permissions.

  • Entity detail pane displays all the ingested observable in the Observable tab.

  • New version of entities will not be created upon modifications.


For any questions, and to share your feedback about the documentation, contact us at [email protected] .

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