Reingest incoming feeds

When incoming feeds fail to ingest content, you can run them again to attempt ingesting and processing any pending and failed content packages.

Reingest incoming feeds

Sometimes the execution of an incoming feed may fail to successfully ingest all the available content for the currently running task: even if the download process successfully completes, some packages may fail to be ingested.

To see if there are incoming feeds with failed packages for a download task run:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Data configuration > Incoming feeds.

  2. In the incoming feed overview, look for feeds with images/download/attachments/17368124/icon-lan-connect.png (Downloaded) as Last download status, and a Failed count higher than zero.
    Example: 2 means that the feed has downloaded 2 packages that have not been processed and ingested because of one or more errors.

  3. Under the Failed column, click to open the Incoming feed detail pane in the Ingested packages tab, and to view only the ingested packages with the Ingestion status Failure.

  4. To examine a package and to obtain more details about the error that caused ingestion for that package to fail, under Ingestion status, click (Failure).
    A pop-up dialog displays an error message and a stack trace/traceback, when available, for troubleshooting.

To manually initiate ingesting the failed packages, click Reingest all failed.
The platform silently processes again all failed packages for the selected incoming feed.

To manually select the failed packages to be ignored, click Ignore all failed.
The platform disregards and skips all failed packages for the selected incoming feed.

The Reingest all failed and the Ignore all failed actions affect only the last ingestion task run, and they are available only for TAXII inbox incoming feeds.

Reprocess downloaded packages

You can also decide to manually reprocess downloaded, pending, failed, and ingested packages.
This action affects data that has already been successfully downloaded to the platform.

When you initiate an action to reprocess a package, the downloaded content in the selected package is unpacked, and then it is processed for ingestion again.

To reprocess a package:

  1. In the Incoming feed overview, click a feed whose packages you want to manually reprocess for ingestion.

  2. In the feed detail pane, click the Ingested packages tab.

  3. Click the menu icon in the row corresponding to the package you want to reprocess.

  4. From the drop-down menu, select Reprocess.