Manually run discovery rules

You can bypass automatic execution and decide to manually run a rule, for example to test it immediately after creating it.

To manually run a rule, do the following:

  1. In the left navigation bar, go to Data configuration images/download/attachments/82474895/robot.svg-x24.png > Rules > Discovery.

  2. In the rule overview, click anywhere in the row corresponding to the rule you want to run manually.
    An overlay slides in from the side of the screen. It displays detailed rule information in a flash-card format.

  3. In the Details tab, either click Run now, or select Actions, and then Run now.

After completing the run, you can review the outcome in the Details tab:

In the Status column, you can check the execution outcome.

images/download/attachments/82474895/sync.svg-x24.png Started

The task run has been initiated, it has been added to the queue, and it is waiting to be executed.

images/download/attachments/82474895/check-circle.svg-x24.png Success

The task run completed correctly.

images/download/attachments/82474895/exclamation-circle.svg-x24.png Error

The task run failed. Click the status icon to view an error message and a traceback with more details about the failure.
This information can be helpful to troubleshoot the issue.

In the Results column, you can see whether the discovery action yielded any new results matching the rule criteria.