Information source details

To add details about the source of the information, do the following:

  1. In the Description field, provide context and details to qualify the information source.
    For example, enter a job role, or the function of an institution.

  2. In the Identity field, enter the name of the information source.
    For example, an individual’s name or the official name of an entity such as an organization or government agency.

  3. From the Roles drop-down menu, select one or more options to define how the information source contributed to the information in the report.

  4. In the References field, enter a URL pointing to relevant reference information on the report, if available.
    The field takes only URLs as input. Enter one URL per field.

    • To confirm the current input and to display a new input field, press ENTER.

    • To remove an input field from this section, click the corresponding .

Define sharing and usage

  1. From the TLP drop-down menu, select the TLP color code you want to use to filter enrichment data.
    You can choose to override the TLP color by selecting Not set in the Override TLP drop-down menu.
    TLP provides an intuitive reference to assess how sensitive information is, focusing in particular on how serious it is, and whom it should or should not be shared with.

  2. In the Terms of use field, enter any legal notes about fair use of the information about the entity.

Define a workflow

  1. Select the Add to dataset checkbox to include the campaign to one or more existing datasets.
    From the drop-down menu select the target datasets you want to add the entity to.

  2. Select the Manually enrich checkbox to manually enrich the entity with the enricher sources you select from the Enrichers to apply drop-down menu.