Export and import users groups and roles

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Export existing users, groups, and roles before upgrading the Intelligence Center, so that you can import them into the upgraded instance.

eiq-platform user export and eiq-platform user import are only supported in 2.4.0 and later.

Run commands as root

Run eiq-platform commands as root.

Switch to the root account by running sudo -i.

Export Intelligence Center user database

Run this to back up your user database before an Intelligence Center upgrade.

To export as a JSON file:

  • Intelligence Center users

  • Intelligence Center user groups

  • Intelligence Center roles

  • Intelligence Center permissions

Run as root:

eiq-platform user export -o output.json

User passwords exported this way are stored as secure hashes in the resulting JSON file.

Make sure to store these JSON files securely.

Import Intelligence Center user database

Run this to import a user database produced by running eiq-platform user export.

To import a user database from a JSON file produced by running eiq-platform user export, run as root:

eiq-platform user import --input-file output.json