Enricher - Unshorten-URL

This article describes the specific configuration options to set up the enricher.
To configure the general options for the enricher, see Configure the general options.


Enricher name





Original URL corresponding to the submitted shortened one.

API endpoint



The Unshorten-URL polls the specified URL shortener services to return the resolved original URLs corresponding to the submitted shortened ones.

Configure the enricher parameters

  1. Edit the enricher.

  2. From the Observable types drop-down menu, select the observable type representing the shortened URLs that the enricher submits to the specified services.

  3. In the Providers field, enter one or more URL shortener services to use with the enricher.
    Separate multiple URL shortener services with either a comma or a white space.
    Example: bit.ly,goo.gl,tinyurl.com, or bit.ly goo.gl tinyurl.com.
    You do not need to prefix the domains with the transmission protocol. If included, http:// or https:// is stripped at runtime.

  4. The API URL field is automatically filled in with the default domain for the endpoint.
    You can add a proxy or set up ports according to your needs.
    Default value: https://unshorten.me.

  5. To store your changes, click Save; to discard them, click Cancel.

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