Broken dashboard gauges

The platform dashboard is loaded, but one or more graph gauges are broken or they are displayed incorrectly.


  • An EclecticIQ Platform installation with Kibana as the UI frontend to display graph data.

  • Kibana gauges on the platform dashboard are broken.


  • After successfully signing in to the platform the dashboard is loaded, but one or more Kibana gauges are not displayed correctly, or they return the “Could not locate that index-pattern-field” error message.


The dashboard is configured to expect populated index fields that contain data it can retrieve upon loading. If the fields contain no data or if the Kibana index is very recent, some gauges may fail to display.

If the index is populated with data, you can solve the dashboard gauge display issue by refreshing the Kibana index:

  1. In a web browser enter a URL with the following format: https://${platform_host}/private/kibana/app/kibana# (Keep the trailing #)
    Example: https://${platform_host}.com/private/kibana/app/kibana#

  2. In the top navigation bar, click Settings.

  3. Under Settings, click Indices.

  4. From the available index list, select Stix.

  5. Click Refresh field list to refresh the Kibana index.

See also

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