Add entities from search

You can add entities from the default search results view.
You can also run Intelligence Center-wide search queries to look for specific entities to load, as well as filter search results to further narrow down your scope.

To open the search pane from the graph, do the following:

  1. In the left navigation bar, select Graphs images/download/attachments/82474802/eiq-tip-graph-create_48px.png > VIEW SAVED GRAPHS.

  2. In the Graph view, click magnify .

  3. Enter search terms, Elasticsearch queries, or use the drop-down search filters to search for the entities you want to load on the graph.
    The search or the filters return all the matches meeting your search/filtering criteria.

  4. Select the entities you want to add to the graph.

  5. in the bottom-right corner of the pane, click Add to graph.