EDK Helper Functions#

Helper functions are intended to transfer data and send messages to the Message Bus. These are included in the following classes:

  • ImporterProcess

  • ExporterProcess

  • EnrichmentProcess

Data transfer#

The helper functions for data transfer allows you to store data to the Shared Database. They take the data as input and save it into their dedicated table.




Saves the data in raw format after it was downloaded from an external source during incoming runs


Saves the data after it has been transformed to data format supported by the EDK protocol during incoming runs


Saves a copy of the packed data during outgoing runs

Status Information#

The helper functions for messages allows you to send messages to the Message Bus which will be collected by the client application. These are to used in order to receive feedback from the extension to acknowledge the start of a job or to update its status while a job is running.

These functions take the event message as input.




Sends message as an EDK message to the Message Bus


Sends message as an EDK message to the Message Bus


Sends message as an EDK message to the Message Bus

To conform to the EDK message format, the message must be a dictionary containing the following fields:

  • code

  • message

  • description

Example of message:

  "code": "INF-0001",
  "message": "Execution started",
  "description": "Run started"

A list of messages and codes can be found in the Dictionary of message codes.